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Family Subtree Diagram : C) Thomas Coker (1755-1818)

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1769, Tax List, North Carolina, Dobbs County
Thomas Coker
"son of Robert"

Surry County, North Carolina, Record of Deeds, 1770-1783, #277 Deed Book

1775-1776 - [185] Solomon Coaker    6 days 1# 7 shillings
                              Francis Gidions      6 days 1# 7 shillings
                    [186] Thomas Coaker     12 days in Captain Shepperds Company of Light Horse
                              on an Expedition to Cross Creek @ 4/6 4# 14 shillings 6 pence
                             (Others located at this rate of pay, 4/6, were sargents)
Reference: North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts, Secretary of State Treasurer's and Comptroller's Papers Vol. III, IV, Part III, Compiled by Wynette Parks Haun, 243 Argon
14 November, 1779
"Thomas Coker to mother Ann, a negro woman."

1779, Tax List, South Carolina, Pendleton District
Thomas Coffer

1790 Federal Census, South Carolina, Pendleton District, p 84
Thomas Koker, 01, 02, 04

1800 Federal Census, South Carolina, Pendleton District
Thomas Coker, 31101-23010-04

Land Records:

Grant to Thomas Coker
22 January, 1789
180 acres, surveyed the 17th___1786, Situate in the District of 96 on the Hurricane Creek the Waters of Saluda River and hath such form marks, butting & boundings as the above plat represents.
T Bremar, Surveyor General.
(Land adjoins Michajah Clark, Joh Johnston and with a branch running throught the center)

Thomas Coker
5 December, 1791
Abendnego Green, plat for 142 acres on waters of Brushey and Hurricane Creeks, Ninety Six District, surveyed by Jonathan Clark on 23 April, 1787.

Georgia, Franklin County
17 June, 1795
Thomas Coker of Zpendleton County, South Carolina, 200 acres, 100 Pounds, to William Varnall of Franklin County, Georgia.

Ninety Six District, South Carolina
11 July, 1795
David Clark to William Brodenhamer, 80 Pounds for 200 acres on Hurricane Creek, granted Clarke 21 January, 1785.
Wit: James Anderson, James Wilburn, Thomas Coker.

31 August, 1803
Ninety Six District, South Carolina
Jonathan Clark for $1,000 sells to Thomas Coker 200 acres granted to Bolling Clark by Benjamn Guerard, Plantation where Jonathan Clark now lives on east side of 23 Mile Creek bounded by Peter McLean.
Wit: Joseph Clark, William Coker, Lucinda Rogers.
William Coker made oath to John Wilson, 2 November, 1803.  Jenny Clark, wife to Jonathan released dower to John Wilson.

(Jonathan Clark son of Bolling Clark.  Bolling son of Christopher Clark.  Christopher Clark son of Micajah Clark.  Clarks lived next to Robert Coker on Tom's Creek, Surry County, North Carolina, prior to South Caroliina.

Will of Thomas Coker
26 May, 1818
Alabama, Bibb County
Mentions wife Sarah, daughters; Anna, Elizabeth, Sally, sons; William, Thomas, James.
Remains of property to N.B., Jonathan, Robert, Agnes, Lutisha Coker at their mother's death.
Appointed Phillip Coker & N.B.Coker executors
(Wife was Sarah Clark, daughter of Jonathan Clark)
(Phillip Coker was a cousin of Thomas)

FROM FILE OF ORIGINAL PAPERS PERTAINING TO THE ESTATE OF THOMAS COKER, deceased, Filed in probate office at Centreville, Bibb County, Alabama

Page 73


Thomas Coker

Mississippi Territory)
Montgomery County)

In the name of God Amen that I Thomas Coker being weak in Body though sound in memory Blessed be God do make and constitute this my last will and testament at the same time Revokes all former wills that I have here before made or appointed. 

I first give my daughter Anna a Negro girl named Lucy supposed to be worth three hundred dollars and one mare worth sixty dollars and one bed worth twenty-five dollars and two sows and pigs worth ten dollars for that to her part of the estate.

I give my son William one Negro boy named Peter worth three hundred and fifty dollars, surveyors instruments worth forty dollars, two rifle guns worth forty dollars, and one bed worth twenty five dollars, and one pair of saddler bags worth five dollars this to be his part of the estate.

I give my daughter Sally one Negro girl named Malinda supposed to be worth four hundred dollars, and one bed worth twenty-five dollars this being her

Page 74

part of the estate.

I give my son Thomas one Negro boy named his Willie supposed to be worth four hundred dollars and forty dollars cash; and one sow and pigs to be worth ten dollars, this to be his part of the estate.

I give my son James one Negro boy named Issac supposed to be worth four hundred dollars the conditions is such that he is not to have use of him until his mothers death (or widowhood) this to be his part of the estate.

I give the remainder part of all my property to N. B. Coker and Johnathan and Robert and Agnes and Lutisha at their mother's death or at the end of her widowhood between the five cows to be Equally divided amongst them.

I appoint Phillip Coker and N. B. Coker to execute My Last Will and Testament In writing whereof I sign my and seal.

This twenty-sixth day of May 1818        Thomas Coker (Seal)

B. Newton Vick
Luke Rea
Jesse Potter

The next sheaf of papers were tied together and on the jacket was written:  Sarah Coker, widow of Tho Coker, dec'd To /AC N B Coker to the executor $96.18 ¾.  These papers were mostly notes and bills present to the executor for payment.  Some of them are copied below:  Sir please to let Garison have one quarter whiskey and it will settle one half dollar For blacksmith work and I will settle with you for the same.    Sarah Coker
No date

Mrs. Sarah Coker     Pleas to pay N.B. Coker one dollar for me & this order shall be your Receipt for the same
                                                                                Woodson Young
no date

Noah B. Coker Executor of the estate of Thomas Coker deceased
To Henry Denison                                                   Dr
To medicine & attendance on
Isaac three months                                                $25.00
To medicine for Sam                                                    .75
To medicine for Anne                                                 1.00
Sept. 10th 1822
Received payment - Henry Denison

Received of N.B. Coker for Sarah Coker two dollars in full for smith word this 12th Day of Sept  1821
                                                                                     Jonathan Clower

Dec.  1823 (or 1820?)  Sally Coker to Starling Strange                                                        Dr.
                                      To smith work                       $3.00

Received of N.B. Coker Executor of Thomas Coker Decest fifty cts in full of all demands up to this date this 1st Day Sept.  1821
Test                                                                                             his
                                                                                         Thomas X Cost
Matthew Cox                                                                               mark

November the 27th 1821   Rec'd of Noah B. Coker for the widow Coker three dollars and sixty two cents and his own Tax                                           $2.50
                                              John Henry, Shff

Recd of Sarah Coker by hand of N.B. Coker four Dollars in full of book -------(illegbile)
May 3, 1821                                         Willis Brown

Mrs. Sarah Coker's acct with Willis Brown
cards                                       $1.25
whis                                          2.00
whis                                          1.50

Rec'd pay Demb.  The 25th 1819
                                           Willis Brown

Sally Coker acct                  James Strange 1822
28 June 1823 James Strange swears acct is true

                                                   March 13, 1822
Widdow Coker to P.J. Waner?
                                                                      Cahawba County May ----------------

Rec'd of N.B. Coker for Sarah Coker three dollars & seventy five cts in full for territorial & county tax
                                                 Andrew Henshaw
N.B. Coker Esqr. To Wm. B. Allen     Dr.
For Cahawba Press from No. 9 Vol. 3 to No 35 Vol 4 (in Co. with R.S. Cargill) 1 and ½ years    
@ $7.50 half of which is 3.75 To advertising Thomas Coker's estate 6 weeks 3.50
Recd Payt by
                                       J. Jones Esqr
                                      Wm. B. Allen

State of Alabama
Bibb County                       Personally came before me the underassined Jesse Potter Acten Justice of the Peace in and for the County of aforesaid Edward Lawlarnce   and being Duly Sworn on oath deposeth and sayeth that a certain acount for blacksmith woork   dun for the Estate Thomas Coker deseced   to the amount of $5 and 50 cents is Just and true and this being the 
leagagle (legal?) way to obtain his write
Sworn and attested to before me this the 5 of August 1822
Witness     Jesse Potter, J.P.
                                      (Seal)     Edward Lawrence

Page 147-151
An Account of the Sales of the Estate of Thomas Coker deceased on the 12th day of December Anno Domini 1822.

Bibb County

Administrator's Accounts   Book "C"

On File in the Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama

An account of the Sales of the Estate of the Estate of Thomas Coker dec'd on the 12th day of December Anno Domini 1822. To wit: Sold

One sow and pigs to Sidney Bates for                                                                $11.00
One do and     do to Philip Coker                                                                             5.17 ½
One do and     do to Greenberry Gresham for                                                         4.75
One lot of 25 bushels of corn to James Forgason                                                 16.56 ½
One 25 do                                       Andrew Caviness                                            16.25
One 25 do    "  do to                Henry Henley                                                         16.25
One 7   do   " do to                N.B. Coker                                                                  4.55
One negro Samuel do N.B. Coker for                                                                   666.00
One negro woman and 2 children to Robert Coker                                              936.00
One negro girl to Reuben Cargile                                                                         582.00
One cow to Henry Cook                                                                                           16.00
One do   to Greenberry Greshman                                                                          20.00
One cow and calf to Henry Cook                                                                             12.30
One do and do to Samuel Martin                                                                            15.55
One Steer to N.B. Coker                                                                                          12.00
One do to same                                                                                                       11.30
One do to same                                                                                                         9.35
One do to James Coker                                                                                             8.70
One do to T. Coker                                                                                                    3.65
One do to same                                                                                                        5.85
One cow and calf to Samuel Martin                                                                       17.70
One Bull to Henry Henley                                                                                        6.00
Amt. carried forward------------------------------------------------------------------ $  2397.48 2/4
One horse to Archibald B. McMillan for                                                                 82.00
One horse sold to John W. Coker                                                                          61.10
One colt to Philip Coker                                                                                         40.00
One stack fodder to Elisha Honeycutt                                                                     7.00
One do do to John Brannon                                                                                     7.00
One do do to P. Coker                                                                                              6.05
One do do to N.B. Coker                                                                                          7.35
One do do to Noel Northout                                                                                     5.15
One lot of land rented to William Vardmin                                                             26.75
1 do do do to John S. Bates                                                                                   30.00
One do do to N. B. Coker                                                                                        30.55
One shear plow to N. B. Coker                                                                                 5.05
One gun to Philip Coker Jr.                                                                                     11.00
One log chain to James Lathem                                                                               5.05
One waggon to T. Coker                                                                                          50.00
One pair of streachers to N. B. Coker                                                                       1.50
One scooter plough to Sidney Bates                                                                      00.65 
                                   Amounts E. E.   --------------------------------        $2783.68 3/4
Sworn to and subscribed before me
Williams Caddell clerk this 1st day of November 1824
                                                         N. B. Coker esecutor
                                                          For Thomas Coker

Examined and ordered to be entered of record.  Tho. Crawford Judge County Court.

An additional inventory of the Estate of Thomas Coker dec'd to wit

Cash collected from John Beeks of Geo.                                                                   $464.00
Cash received from Sarah Coker for corn sold                                                            100.00
40 Bu corn sold to Richard Chandler in 1820 -                                                              40.00
30 do do Nathan Jones                                                                                                  30.00
30 do do William Hamilton                                                                                             30.00
Cotton sold to Charles A. Dennis                                                                                    61.62 ½
Cattle sold at Cahawba                                                                                                   53.25
                                                                                                                                    $778.87 ½

One note on Robert Coker                                                                                              58.75
One note on William B. Coker                                                                                       32.50
                                                        N. B. Coker Executor for                                      870.12 ½
                                                        Thomas Coker Deceased
Sworn to and subscribed before me William Caddell Clerk this 1st day of November 1824.
Examined and ordered to be entered on record Tho. Crawford Judge County Court.

The Estate of Thomas Coker dec'd to N. B. Coker Executor of the last will and Testament of Thomas Coker Dec's
April 2 To cash pd John S. Bates on a compromise ----                                                  350.00
March 2 " pd. Jesse Smitherman apt.                                                                                6.00
Sept. 10 " do pd. Henry Denison apt.                        2                                                     26.75

Feby 24 ' do pd. John Henry collector tax for 1822 3                                                       7.87 ½
1821 " do pd. B. Wilson att. ads pf Bates                                                                       30.00
           do Inge and Baston a ttas in Same Suit                                                               20.00
1822 do pd. Inge and Baston Att-N. B. Coker                                                                  25.00
    "   "   pd. B. Wilson attas in the samesuit.                                                                  25.00
        "   pd. William B. Allen ap.                                              8                                        3.50
Feb. 25 " pd.John Henry Sheriff, Executor of Bates 9                                                    13.20

Novem. 27 do pd. Same and Expenses same                                       10                    40.00

1822   do pd. Daniel Williams aps                                                       11                       3.75


Jany. 27 do William Smitherman

1822    For horse                                                                                    12                    110.00
Feby. 20 Do pd. James Samples ap.                                                     13                        3.60
Sept. 1   do pd. Thomas Costs ap.                                                         14                          .50
Dec.  12 " do pd. William Gardner's ap                                                 15                        1.401/4
1822     Amount carried over                                                                                          666.573/4

Jany 28 " cash pd. W. Neads apt no.                                                      16                       7.00


Feby 1 do Pd William J. Starks ap.                                                                                   17.633/4
           Do pd. Branson Lawrence apt.                                                                              18.18-
1821 do apt Andrew Henshaw Taxes                                                     19                        3.75

November 27 do pd. John Henry shff taxes for 1822 Miss Coker        20                           3.62
March 16 do pd Edward Lawrence apt same                                      21                           5.50
23   do pd. P. J. Weaver sp agt. same                                                                                4.25

1823 27 " do pd. S. Cagile Apt. Agt.  Same No. 23                                                         23.381/2
June 28 " pd. Starling Strange Apt. Agt. same                                      24                        12.75
            " pd.  Sarah Coker's Order                                                     25                             .50
              do pd. Woodson Younges Act. Agt.----                                   26                        1.00
1819 " do pd. Willis Brown Apt.  Agt.  Sarah Coker                       27                               1.00
Dec. 25 " do paid ditto ditto   ditto                                                        28                         4.75
Jany. 29 " do pd. William Mulkey's apt.  Agt. same                       29                                 5.75
March 3 " do pd. John Suttles apt. agt. same                               30                              3.68
May 3 " do pd. J. P. Weaver Apt. agt. same                                31                              4.00
              do pd. Willia Brown Act. agt. same                              32                               5.19
Sept. 12 " do pd. Jonathan Clower Apt. Agt. same                     33                               2.00

Feby. 17   do pd.  Maples and Goodwin apt. agt. same                 34                           12.87 ½

Dec. 2   " pd. Starling Strange apt. agt. same                               35                             3.00

Oct. 27 " apt. for Sundries furnished to Mrs. Sarah Coker
                Widow of J. (?). Coker                                                       36
                                      Amount E. Es                                                                   __________
                                        Restatement                                                                      874.62

The Estate of Thomas Coker dec'd In to XXXXX Noah B. Coker Exon of the last will and testament of said Coker

Aug. 29 To apt. rendered to the Court                                                                        139.12
Nov.  1 Ap. rendered this day                                          ----                                      874.62
Commission at 5 pt. on $3639                                                                                    187.95
Pd. James B. Clark Atton                                                                                             10.00
Paid for pailing the estates grove                                                                                    8.00
T. P. Lumpkin, Printer                                                                                                    8.00
xxxxxxxxxxxxx William Caddell Clk. up to this Settle                                                    2.18 3/4
Judge of County Court up to this settle enclusive both judge and clerk                           3.00 
1821 Credits Amt.                                                                                                    1220.88 ½

Nov.  5 By up of sales                                                                                                  76.56 ½

Dec. 12, By up of Sales                                                                                        $2783.68 3/4

Nov.  1 By additional Inventory                                                                                 70.12 ½ 
        Amts.  E.E.                                                                                                $3730.37 ½
        Debts                                                                                                           1220.88 ½
                      Balance to be                                                                               $2509.29 1/4

Distributed between N. B. Coker Robt Coker Jonathan Coker R. L. Cargille and Agnis his wife and Jas. Loving and Lutesia his wife being $501.89 cents.

The State of Alabama ' Noah B. Coker Bibb County 'Maketh oath before Thomas Crawford Judge of the County Court for Bibb County aforesaid that all accounts contained in the foregoing accounts by him exhibited against the estate of Thomas Coker dec'd were paid by him as executor of the last will and Testament of said Thomas Coker Dec'd that such of them as are not duly proven be of his own knowledge knows to be correct xxxxx or has been inform - - - by his mother Sarah Coker that they were just accounts and for necessarys and he paid them accordingly his own account for Sundries furnished Mrs. Sarah Coker of $96.18 3/4, It is just and true.
                                                                                                        N. B. Coker
Sworn to and Subscribed before                       
                                                                                              Tho Crawford Judge Bibb
                                                                                                   County Court                                                       
Following are some notes regarding to foregoing:

Thomas Coker believed he had 11 children living at the time of his death. He may have had some who were deceased. Why he divided them into 2 groups is of interest.  Did he give their inheritances according to need?  Of the six first named Elizabeth received the most estimated value. The will also refers to her portion as "there" part. Does this imply Elizabeth had a husband and/or child? James and Anna received the same and the least. Is William's gift of surveyor's instruments a clue to Thomas' own business or did a lot of people have such instruments at that time?  Thomas, due to the gift of a slave, seemed to lump James with the first mentioned 5 children, however, he gave him no inheritance until his mother's death or end of widowhood. This
puts him into the other group of 5 children who are to receive nothing until that same time. This is a puzzle which has been perplexing for many years.

The name, Starling Strange, is possibly worth remembering. Thomas Coker was involved in a law suit back in Jackson County, GA with a Starling Strange. Is this the same man?

It is worth noting Sarah Coker is referred to in a couple of places as Sally Coker. Some researchers have not easily accepted Sally as a shortening of Sarah and for this reason have found it difficult to believe Sarah Mary Coker, wife of John Beeks, could be the Sally named by Thomas Coker as one of his daughters.

There is record of Thomas Coker loaning money to John Beeks in Jackson County 28 October 1817,  recorded 19 Dec. 1819,  Book G, p. 134. N.B. Coker served as a witness to the loan.  The collection of the remainder of the loan money is referred to in the estate settlement. Account of the remaining loan collection  is recorded below the recording of the loan in the same Book G, p. 134.  N.B. Coker went to Jackson County and collected the remainder of the debt in November 1819. The estate was charged for the cost of his trip to Georgia.

In addition to the Beeks loan, two notes are recorded in the estate settlement. One is on Robert Coker and the other on William B. Coker. Presuming John Beeks was Sally's husband and presuming Robert and William B. were Thomas' sons, one wonders if Thomas was in the habit of loaning money to his grown children.

It is recorded the estate settlement was to be advertised in the Cahaba Press. It was. Sanford University Library, Birmingham, AL has a microfilm collection of old newspapers. Among those on film is CAHABA PRESS AND ALABAMA STATE INTELLIGENCER. PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY Wm.  B. Allen & Co. PRINTERS OF THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, AND OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA. NO. 28 CAHABA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1822.   VOL.IV
The undersigned executor
of the last will and testament of
Thomas Coker, late of Bibb county,
deceased, will apply to the Judge of
the county court of Bibb county, at
his chamber in said county, for a
final settlement of his ministration
on the third Monday in December
next, when those interested may
attend if they please. This 5th day
of November 1822.
                                                               N.   B.   Coker, Exe'r.

No record has been found for Thomas Coker ever owning land in Alabama. There is reason to believe persons arrived as early in Bibb as the Cokers only squatted for a few years. There is a lack of understanding as to whether a person rented land to others when he had no ownership of the land. It is stated in the settlement land was rented to Wm. Vardmin, John S. Bates, N.B. Coker. It is also stated money was paid for pailing the estate grove. Whether the above inplies land ownership in Bibb is unknown. It is known Sarah acquired land in Bibb around the area known as Antioch several years after Thomas' death.

The settlement lists purchases by Philip Coker and by Philip Jr.  A T. Coker is listed as a purchaser. Whether this T. Coker is Thomas, Thomas' son, is not known. The son was a Georgia resident at that time. It is possible this T. was Thompson Coker, believed son of Philip Coker.

This is an interesting will and settlement. Two factors exist which probably have caused Coker researchers to believe in their possible descendancy from Thomas. If a person is looking for a Coker ancestor in early Alabama this is perhaps the earliest Coker will to be found and it is fairly easy to access through Bibb CH or AL Archives. The other factor is the appearance of Thomas' affluency. Undoubtedly many researchers find this very attractive. While Thomas was obviously not a jasmine, white column, mint julip, many many  multiple slave owning southerner, nevertheless, this family most likely led a far better life than most of its day.

1760 - 1846 Sarah Clark 86 86 1788 - 1836 Thomas C Coker 47 47 was born September 09, 1788 in SC, and died August 1836 in Meriwethwer Co., GA.  He married Precious Lovejoy17, daughter of Lovejoy and Jemima.  She was born July 17, 1794, and died June 18, 1863.

Notes for Thomas Coker:
Information on this Thomas came first from Harry M. Feather, a descendant. Thomas was Harry's great grandfather. Harry's descent was through Thomas' son, William H. Coker. Harry had copies of the Bible record from William H. Coker's Bible. Unfortunately he did not have publication date of Bible. In the Bible "Family Record" births are given: Thomas Coker, 9 September 1788; Precious Coker, (wife of Thomas) 17 July 1794; Anselem Coker, 24 July 1814; Dorothula Coker, (twins) Melvina Coker, 9 January 1816; Jemima A. Coker, 6 February 1818; Elizabeth Coker, 12 March 1820; William H. Coker, 23 April 1822; Simeon M. Coker, 5 February 1824; Mary A. Coker, 11 June 1825; Sarah M. Coker, 21 August 1827; Martha L. Coker, 24 August 1831; Thomas C. Coker, 18 January 1834. Births of children of later generations are given and will not be noted here. The death of Thomas is recorded August 1836. The death of Precious is recorded 18 June 1863. It is assumed this Thomas born 1788 was born in SC. Thomas of Bibb received his Pendleton, SC land grant in 1789, however, it is possible, probably likely, he was living, "squatting", on the land beforehand.
Mr. Feather knew Thomas died in Meriwether County, GA. He knew one of the administrators of his estate was Jonathan Clark Coker. A hired genealogist, Mary J. Gilbert, had given him the information this Jonathan was most likely a brother and that the brother lived in Alabama. In addition to the above information Mr. Feather knew Precious Coker was a Lovejoy and that her Lovejoys were associated with Jackson County, GA. US Census records for Jackson County list Pg. 298 Thomas Coker age 26-45 and wife 16-26. Page 299 John Loving; possible relationship to James Loving, first husband to Luticia Coker, sister to Thomas; Edmund Gresham, made purchases of sales of estate of Thomas above who died Meriwether; Simon (Simeon) Lovejoy, relationship to Precious not clear; Minsy Lovejoy, mother of Precious Lovejoy and mother-in-law to Thomas died Meriwether. (Descendant of Lovejoys, Mrs. Harry Archer, 2232 Cos, Liberty, TX 77575 - Minsy was simply a nickname for Jemima.) On page 290 of this census Jonathan Clark Coker is listed with wife (Frances Mayes Pentecost) and son under 10.
In Jackson County, GA Books I & J,  Pg. 115 record is found of Thomas selling land to William Pentecost 23 February 1819 - 42 acres on Beech Creek. The sale was not recorded until 26 July 1830. This can't be Thomas of Bibb County, AL. He is deceased. The buyer is William Pentecost, father of Frances Mayes Pentecost, wife of Jonathan Clark Coker. Two witnesses to the sale are George Pentecost and Matthew Mayes Pentecost. Both are brothers to Frances and sons of William also brothers-in-law to Jonathan Clark Coker.
Walton County, GA Deed Book A & B  p.265 - 1 December 1821, John Beeks sold Thomas Coker 100 acres for $500. This was not Thomas of Bibb. He was deceased. John Beeks, believed brother-in-law to this Thomas with sister, Sally. This land, in all probability, was Jackson County land which fell in Walton when the line changed.
Thomas Coker of Jackson County, GA drew Land Lot #137 - 12th District of Hall County, GA. Deed Book C p.282. When Thomas was resident of Pike County, GA he gave power of attorney to John A. Bates to sell this land lot #137 in Hall County. This John A. Bates should be explored to learn if he is friend or kinsman - perhaps husband to a Lovejoy or a Coker.
By 1830 Thomas was in Pike County, GA US Census records p.110 show Thomas age 40-50, Precious age 30-40, 5 girl children and 2 boys. On p.111 is Simeon Lovejoy. Pike has been shown to be the county where Sarah Coker Beeks married James Coker. Pike County Deed Book F p.205- 1833, Thomas Coker of Pike County, GA sold 200 acres to Joseph Sentell of Meriwether County for $700.( #266-274 fraction of #275-273-267 in 9th District.)

By 1840 the family appears on Meriwether County, GA census with Precious as head of household, p.123. Thomas is deceased. As noted Jonathan Clark Coker served as administrator of estate of Thomas of Meriwether. Sale of this estate was held 7 March 1837 in Meriwether County. Isaac Barnes served as administrator also. According to David E. Barnes, descendant of Isaac, (36 Greening Avenue, South Burlington, Vermont 05403-7310) Isaac was husband to Ruth Mobley, an aunt of Precious Lovejoy Coker.
Involved in the settlement of Thomas of Meriwether's estate was the disposition of 118 acres of land in Jackson County. The land had been purchased by "Thomas Coker, Jr" in 1811. From Jackson County Tax Digest, page unnumbered, Burgan's District, Thomas was taxed on 118 acres on Beech Creek, original grant to Ignatious Few. The land adjoined Pentecost. Pentecost is William Pentecost, father of Frances Mayes Pentecost  with husband Jonathan Clark Coker. Isaac Barnes and Jonathan Clark Coker sold this land 6 February 1835 to Jesse Cody. Jackson County Deed Book K p.453, Recorded 9 February 1838. It is noted that prior to the sale Jesse had been renting the land from Thomas.
Mr. Feather pursued this family further and located some of the children in Louisiana along with Precious Lovejoy Coker.
As to whether a preponderance of evidence exists for this Thomas being son of Thomas of Bibb may be questionable. Yet, coincidence is difficult to accept as an explanation. It should be noted when Thomas of Bibb sold his land in Jackson County, GA to Samuel Whaley in 1817, he is referred to as Thomas Coker, Sr. and in the 1811 tax digest Thomas died Meriwether is referred to as Thomas Coker, Jr. Old records may use these designations simply to differentiate between men of the same name in the same area, but, given so many facts in this case it is difficult to believe the relationship here is anything other than father and son.

Children of Thomas Coker and Precious Lovejoy are:
    31    i.    Anselem5 Coker17, born July 24, 1814.
    32    ii.    Dorothula Coker17, born January 09, 1816.
    33    iii.    Melvina Coker17, born January 09, 1816.
    34    iv.    Jemina A. Coker17, born February 06, 1818.
    35    v.    Elizabeth Coker17, born March 12, 1820.
    36    vi.    William H. Coker17, born April 23, 1822.
    37    vii.    Simeon M. Coker17, born February 05, 1824.
    38    viii.    Mary A. Coker17, born June 11, 1825.
    39    ix.    Sarah M. Coker17, born August 21, 1827.
    40    x.    Martha L. Coker17, born August 24, 1831.
    41    xi.    Thomas C. Coker17, born January 18, 1834.
1793 - 1870 Noah B. Coker 77 77 was born 1793 in Laurens Co., SC, and died 1870 in Bibb Co., AL.  He married Eleanor Shotwell, daughter of Nathaniel Shotwell. 

Notes for Noah B. Coker:
Noah B. Coker or N.B. Coker - Noah B. Coker came to Alabama and stayed in Bibb County. He is referred to most often as N.B. When Thomas of Bibb made his will he named N.B. Coker and Philip Coker as executors. N.B. wound up functioning in that position. In the settlement of Thomas of Bibb's estate mention of cost is made regarding N.B.'s going to Jackson County, GA to collect a debt due from John Beeks. Thomas had loaned money to John shortly before leaving GA and to settle the estate it is necessary to collect the remainder of the debt. This collection recorded 19 December 1819 in Jackson County records - Book G p.134. Record of this collection immediately follows the recording of the loan. Though the loan was made 2 October 1817 it was not recorded until 19 December 1819.
N.B. married Eleanor Shotwell. Eleanor was daughter of Nathaniel Shotwell.  His will was made in Jackson County, GA 3 January 1842. The will went to probate 3 December 1855. Nathaniel's daughter, Eleanor Koker, was to receive Lancaster, a slave. No record of will is provided, only a transcription.
The first census record available for N.B. and Eleanor is 1830. Bibb US Census p.170 while the census taker lists N.B. as Newel B. Coker it is felt this is in error. Household has 2 males, 1 age 30-40. One age 20-30 and a female age 20-30. The male age 20-30 might possibly be James M., brother to N.B. In 1840 p.108 Noah B. is listed age 40-50 and wife age 30-40. No others are in household. On the same page James M. Coker and family are listed.

By 1850 US Census Bibb County p.576 N.B. and Eleanor have been joined by 14 year old Noah B. Coker. In the spring term of Bibb County Circuit Court Records Pg. 344, 4 April 1849, Noah B. Bishop was legitimized and became Noah B. Coker. His mother was a Mary Bishop. The legitimization made it possible for the boy to inherit from his father, N.B. Coker's estate. It is interesting to note N.B. Coker's land adjoined land belonging to two Bishops, Ephriam and Allen.
1860 is the last year N.B. Coker appeared on a US Census. His death occurred shortly thereafter. Bibb County p.767, Noah B. Coker, age 67 born SC, Eleanor age 60, born SC. Two unknowns with no birthplaces are in household also. James Coker, age 47 and James J. Coker age 1 yr. It is assumed these are of some relationship to N.B. No other record of a James Coker born 1813 is found.
N.B. Coker's will as transcribed by Jones and Gandrud in their "Alabama Records" Vol. 200 Pg. 34, Bibb County - the will was made 24 August 1864. No date of probate is included. Eleanor was to receive ½ real and personal property; son, Noah B. Coker (Junior) the other ½; Eleanor was to possess all property (both halves) until her decease and she is to pay nothing for Noah B.'s half; at Eleanor's death, Noah B. takes possession of his half. Eleanor is appointed executrix.
N.B. Coker is listed in "Civil Registry of County Officials" located Al Archives Library. He served as Justice of the Peace in the following years: 1820, 1824, 1826, 1829;, 1838, 1841. The son, served as both coroner and later as sheriff.
From Marilyn Davis Barefield's compilation of land records, "Tuscaloosa land office" p.28 N.B. Coker purchased Bibb land 1828- Section 29 Township 23 Range 11E. In this same year Sarah Coker, N.B.'s mother, purchased Bibb land 1828 - Section 28 Township 23 Range 11E. In addition to this purchase record on other tracts purchased by N.B. exist.
The initial "B" is a curiosity. No where has the name "B" stands for has been located among the records. Mrs. Sarah Baker, Atlanta, in response to an inquiry printed in the "Centreville Press" called, 19 January 1976 with Coker family information. She was of the opinion the "B" stood for Bleuford or possibly Buford. Exactly what she was saying was never clear.
A bit more is learned of Noah B. Coker from Rhoda Coleman Ellison's book, "Bibb County, The First Hundred Years 1818-1918" . Page 30 notes an effort by the legislature to encourage participation in voting resulted in adding other polling places. Noah B. Coker's house became a polling place. It was located in present Antioch community. The following is from Ellison p.41: The chapter providing the following information is entitled "Search For A Permanent County Seat"    " . . . Finally on November 27, 1821, despairing of obtaining results by their more democratic method, the legislators appointed three commissioners to fix a temporary seat of justice at the center of the county . . . . . The place they selected, probably under pressure from residents of eastern Bibb, was at the intersection of the Elyton-Selma and Tuscaloosa-Montgomery roads, nine miles east of Centreville; and approximately halfway between Centreville; and present-day Randolph (Book published 1984). The area was then chiefly woods. The Antioch Baptist Church, which now for many years has given its name to this community, was not established until 1833. Probably the only house there at the time of the selection was that of Noah B. Coker, who later owned the land. The fact that his residence was one of the first polling places in Bibb, along with the courthouse in Centreville, suggests that the location was convenient to a sufficient number of settlers in the eastern part of the county. The western section had temporarily lost in the political tug-of-war . . . . . The first record of an official session at the 'Temporary Seat of Justice', as it was called in the county court minutes, is that of the circuit court in September 1822. Probably Coker provided temporary quarters in his tavern residence at the crossroads to accommodate the justices and those citizens who found it necessary to travel the raw new roads to meet with them."

Page 42:". . . . . Coker, who had been licensed as a tavern keeper in May 1819, may have erected the building later known as the courthouse before or during the years when the courts met there, or he may have added to its original structure later because it continued to house overnight travelers between eastern Bibb and Centreville. Either originally or eventually, it had two stories; nine or more rooms, measuring about sixteen feet square; and a wide hall, probably a 'dog trot' but later enclosed. Those who were present when this ancient s structure was torn down a few years ago to provide material for pioneer houses at Tannehill State Park report that it was constructed of heart lumber planed by hand and fitted tongue-in-grove. One room bore above its door the sign 'Travelers' Room', and many were numbered with red paint. Today the spot where the building stood at the then important crossroads is empty of any reminders of its former significance; even the chimneys of handmade bricks have been moved."

Page 43: " . . . . . According to the county court minutes, the sessions continued to be held at Bibb Court House (soon to become Bibb Old Court House on the maps) until May 1829."

Transcribed from copy from Autauga, County, Alabama Deed Book B. Vol. 2, p. 147

The State of Alabama}
Autauga County}

Know all men by these presents that I Noah Coker of the State & County aforesaid for & in consideration of the sum of one Dollar to me in handpaid the right whereof is acknowledged, & for the natural love and affection which I have & has towards my son Middleton Coker do, give & grant to him a certain sorrel horse colt two years old to his own use & benefit forever, & I the said Noah Coker the said Colt to the said Middleton Coker, shall & will warrant & forever defense.
And I the said Noah Coker do by these presents sell, transfer, & convey unto my Son Thomas Coker, the following described property to wit, one Black mare, my stock of Hogs, my household furniture & all my other goods & effects which I am in possession of at this time, for the consideration that the said Thomas Coker, shall during my natural life-support & clothe me decently, & shall at no time permit me to suffer for the want of the necessaries common in life & in case he should then the above transfer & sale to be void otherwise to remain in full force & effect. In witness of all the forgoing I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 25th July 1827.
Jas. B. Mathews
Fielding Sharpe

Noah Coker (Seal)
The State of Alabama}
Autauga County}
This day the within named Noah Coker came before me & acknowledged the within to be his free act of deed, executed for the purposes therein mentioned, Given under my hand this 17th August AD 1827. Jas. B. Mathews Clk Cty Ct. AC.

Recorded the 18th August 1827 Jas. B. Mathews Clk

Children of Noah Coker and Eleanor Shotwell are:
    42    i.    Middleton5 Coker20.
    43    ii.    Thomas Coker20.
1800 Anna Coker Notes for Anna Coker:
Research by:

Charlotte Tucker                    
201 Los Encinos Ranch Road                email:
Wimberley, TX  78676

Born Bet. 1800-1804 if 16-20 at time of marriage.  Thomas Coker who died 1818 named daughter Anna in his will.  Greenberry Grissam married Ann Coker, 21 Sep 1820, Bibb Co., and Greenberry and family were enumerated immediately after Phillip Coker (b 1766) on 1830 Shelby Co., AL census.  So, it needs to be determined if Grissam married Ann, daughter of Phillip, or Anna, daughter of Thomas.

Source:  Charlotte Tucker <>

More About Greenberry Grisham and Anna Coker:
Marriage: Abt. 1820, Bibb Co., AL
Child of Anna Coker and Greenberry Grisham is:
    71    i.    Littleberry5 Grisham.  He married Brittan Ann Miears Abt. 1850 in Bibb Co., AL.

More About Littleberry Grisham and Brittan Miears:
Marriage: Abt. 1850, Bibb Co., AL

Notes for Anna Coker:
One thing is certain about Anna. Thomas Coker of Bibb County believed she was alive at the time he made his will - 26 May 1818. At that time he named her and left her a slave named Lucy, a mare, a bed, two sows and pigs. Some researchers have suggested she is Ann Coker who married Greenberry Gresham. There is no known proof of this, in fact, there is no known proof Anna ever came to Bibb Co., AL.

1800 Sally Coker Notes for Sally Coker:
At this time Sally appears to be the Sarah Coker who married John Beeks. Thomas Coker loaned John Beeks $2000, 28 October 1817. (Jackson County Bk. G Pg. 134) When the Thomas Coker estate was settled in Bibb County, AL 1822, charge is found there for a trip to Jackson County, GA by N.B. Coker. The collection of the remainder of the debt is found in same Bk. G in Jackson County records. (It should be noted the Jackson County books are very difficult to read and their overall condition is poor. Many pages are not numbered or numbering has frayed with the passage of time. These books were last viewed August 1996.) It is learned through the recorded sale of Thomas Coker's Jackson County, GA land (Book F, Pg. 380) Thomas' land adjoined that of John Beeks at one place.

The following information was received from Mrs. Judy Lasheff, 515 Willow Road, Wauconda, Ill 60084:
     John Beeks, b. 1790's d. 1830's GA m. Sarah Coker (Sarah Mary or Mary Sarah she said) b. 1793 SC d. 28 July 1860 in Griffin GA. Sarah married 2nd time James Coker in 1848. Sarah and John Beeks had the following children: John Coker Beeks, William A. Beeks, Letitia A. Beeks, James A. Beeks. This marriage to a James Coker tallies with information from a Mary J. Gilbert, hired genealogist of Harry Feather. Mrs. Gilbert gave Mg. Book H. Pg. 483, Pike County, GA as the location for record of marriage between James Coker and Sarah M. Beeks - 9 Feb. 1848. Sally of the Bibb County, AL will of Thomas Coker had brothers William and James and a sister, Letitia. Her mother was Sarah. Probably that is why she was called Sally by her father. Notice names of siblings appeared in her family.

Walton County is presumed place of death of John Beeks. Both John Beeks and a James Coker appear on the Walton County Census 1820 (Pg. 474 & 482 respectively). Probably they did not move. In 1819 Walton took in a southern portion of Jackson County. A progression of Sarah Beeks and James Coker is noted through Census records across the state of GA. (Pg. 164, 1830 census - Sarah Beeks - Butts County; Pg. 223, 1830 census - James Coker Henry County; Pg. 336, 1840 census - James Coker - Henry County and Pg. 352, James A. Beeks of same county but Sarah not located. Sarah is not located on a census until 1860. She is located in Spalding County, GA (Reference - GA Genealogical Magazine, Spring/Summer 1976 No. 60-62 Contributed by Mrs. Martha De L'Etoile)
     P. 139 1845 Tax Returns - Griffin GA: James A. Beeks, John C. Beeks, Mrs. Beeks (John C. Beeks, Agent for) John C. Beeks (Is this Sarah? It looks as though she should be Coker, not Beeks)
     P. 142 1846 Tax Returns - Griffin GA: John C. Beeks (trustee) John C. Beeks (Agent for Mrs. S. Beeks). James A. Beeks (again why Beeks and not Coker? - best guess, someone assumed name)
     The US Census for Spalding County, 1860 shows Sarah Coker 35 35 born SC, age unclear at 36 36 is E.R. Goodrich and Letitia, son-in-law and daughter. There is a listing for James A. Beeks also Pg. 186.

One more tie was discovered linking Sarah Coker to Thomas of Bibb. Thomas Coker, died Meriwether County, GA, presumed son of Thomas of Bibb and thus brother to Sarah (Sally of Bibb will, had a daughter, Melvina. Melvina married Robert J. Stewart. This is according to Bible Records of Harry Feather. Melvina and Robert had a son age 3 months in 1850 (US Census for Meriwether County, GA 1850 Pg. 399). They named their son William Beeks Stewart. Melvina, the mother of the child would have been niece to Sally of the Bibb will.

Convincing evidence is building for Sarah Mary Coker Beeks Coker to be Sally of the Bibb County, AL will.
1801 Elizabeth Coker Notes for Elizabeth Coker:
One fact is known about Elizabeth and that is at the time of writing his will Thomas Coker of Bibb County, AL. Believed Elizabeth was alive. He left her $487 and a bed to be "there" part of the estate. Whether the word "there" implies Elizabeth had a family of her own is unknown. It is not known if Elizabeth ever came to Bibb County
1803 Agnes Coker Notes for Agnes Cargile Coker:
Agnes Coker is to share the remainder of her father's estate with N.B., Jonathan, Robert and Lutitia at the time of her mother's death or end of widowhood. She is also to share in 5 cows with the above 4 children. The assumption is the cow gift would be immediate. Thomas' cows were sold at Cahaba in the course of the settlement of the estate. As a result of the settlement of the estate $2509.191/4 was divided between N.B. Coker, Robert Coker, Jonathan Coker, R.L. Cargille and Agnes, his wife, and Jas. Loving and Luticia,his wife, being $501.89. Reuben purchased a girl at the sales of Thomas' estate.

Reuben Cargille and Agnes Coker were married 29 May 1818, Book A, Pg. 29, Alabama Territory, Montgomery County. (No return or date of celebration is given for this marriage. Since Agnes Cargille shows up in the records entering into a second marriage, it is assumed the marriage to Cargille did take place.) This was prior to Alabama becoming a state and Montgomery County encompassed the area which became Bibb, Alabama's US Census for 1820 is fragmentary. None of the Bibb County Cokers have been located on the extant fragment. Reuben Cargille and wife have been located on no census for 1830. By 1838 record exists for the marriage of Agnes Cargille and Silas G. Jones. License for this marriage was issued 25 May 1838 and the marriage took place 2 June 1838. N.B. Coker, JP. This was Agnes' brother. The marriage is recorded Bibb County Marriage Book D, Pg. 97. How Agnes' first marriage ended - death, divorce - is unknown. Following Agnes' and Silas' marriage no further record of either has been found.
1804 Lutisha Coker Notes for Lutisha Coker:
Luticia perhaps Letitia - her name was recorded Lettice in marriage book at the time of her 1st marriage. At any rate, we know people of the day did not worry a lot about spellings and this was especially true it seems of those who recorded names in records. Louticia married James loving. Their license to celebrate the marriage was issued 8 September, however, the marriage was not celebrated until 29 October 1818. Record of this license and marriage date is found in Book C, Pg. 203, Alabama Territory, Montgomery County. Alabama had not yet achieved statehood and Montgomery County encompassed what became Bibb. Thomas Coker's will was probated in September 1818. The exact date is not given. It is felt the death of Louticia's father is the reason the marriage did not take place until late October.

A newspaper, "The Huntsville Democrat" carried a notice 20 August 1834 from St. Claire County, Alabama - a petition to sell land by William Little who was administrator of James Loving deceased. James was alive at the time of the settlement of Thomas Coker's estate. He made purchases of the estate also he and wife,  Lutitia,  were to share in the final balance of the estate. This was 1 November 1824. Whether the deceased James with land is this James is unknown. It appears the decedent had no will as he had an administrator and not an executor. Perhaps he had a sudden death and not a lingering illness. We do know something - death, divorce - took Luticia's James away from her. She remarried four years after the 1824 estate settlement. On 18 February 1828 Isaac Horne and Luticia Loving were married. W.B. Coker was justice of peace and this marriage is recorded Bibb County Marriage Book A p.183.
So far Isaac and Luticia have not been located in 1830. However, in 1840 they do appear on Pg.  130 of the Bibb County US Census. (M704 Reel1 Al Archives) Isaac is listed age 30-40. Luticia is listed the same. They have 2 boys under 5 years, 2 girls age 5-10, another girl age 10-15. In addition to these 5 children, they have a boy age 10-15 and a girl age 15-20. They also have a woman in their household age 80-90. A female slave age 55-100 is listed in addition to the family. Sarah Coker, Luticia's mother, made her will in Bibb County 22 March 1846. The will was probated 18 May 1846. In her will Sarah named Isaac Horn as her executor. She left her land and her slave, Jenny, to Eliza Ann Loving, her granddaughter. She left a feather bed to her son, James M. Coker. It is a very reasonable supposition the woman age 80-90 in Isaac Horn's household was Sarah Coker. It is a reasonable supposition the slave woman listed there was Jenny. Looking further Eliza Ann Loving would have been the female child age 15-20. In 1840 Isaac and Luticia had been married only 12 years. Taking the supposition Sarah Coker was the woman in the household, a birth period is ascertained - 1750-1760. This puts her in the age bracket of the only other record of her birth available, the 1800 census of Pendleton District, SC. She was listed there as age 26-45 - thus born 1755-1774. With the foregoing, her birth is narrowed to 1755-1760.
Finding Luticia and Isaac is a help with this family. In 1850 Isaac and Luticia are still in Bibb. On US Census for 1850 they are Dwelling #965, House #960. Both Isaac and Luticia are age 45 and both born in SC. Only 3 children are sill listed in household: Christian M. a 16 year old female; Lesley L. a 12 year old male; William H. an 11 year old male. Luticia was born 1805 in SC. Thomas Coker was selling his Pendleton SC land in 1805.
In 1860 Isaac and Louticia are still in Bibb County - US Census p.796 Dwelling #1019 House #1005. Both are listed as age 56. This puts them a year off from the 1850 age. In the case of both 1850 and 1860 censuses the age is supposed to be the age of a person as of June 1 of the year, however, there may be doubt as to how well this was understood by all. Both listed as born in SC. Lesley is still home age 21; W.H. is listed as Harrison, age 18 and there is a female age 18 listed as Louisa M. She is listed as a Horn. Perhaps she is Lesley's wife.
No further reference is found for either Louticia or Isaac. Rhoda Coleman Ellison, author of "Bibb County The First Hundred Years 1818-1918" Pg. 248, lists Lesley L. Horn in Company F. 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment, a Confederate Company. In a cemetery near Sarah Coker's land and behind present day Antioch Baptist Church in Bibb County graves were located: Father W.H. Horn, Sept 1 1840, Nov. 29, 1910: Mother Martha F. Horn , Aug. 30 1844, Jan. 11 1922. W.H. (William Harrison) was one of the boys under age 5 in Isaac Horn's household in 1840. The cemetery at Antioch church has many, many very old graves, graves of slaves and many unmarked graves. Perhaps Thomas Coker and Sarah Clark Coker are buried there.
It should be noted in 1850 Noah C. Loving age 27, born in GA is listed as house #964, family #959. This makes his birth year 1823. As noted above in 1850 Isaac Horn was house #965, family #960. Speculation is this Noah C. Loving was son of Luticia and James Loving and brother to Eliza Ann Loving. His birth year is while the marriage was in progress. Noah's birth place is of particular interest if it is correct. It indicates James and Luticia were residents of GA in 1823.
1810 James M. Coker Notes for James M. Coker:
James M. Coker was named in his father's will. He was to receive a slave, Isaac, at the death of his mother or the end of her widowhood. Book A Pg. 209-210 marriage of James M. Coker and Tempy Starling is recorded, 6 October 1832, consent of her father, Rody Starling, Benjamin Camp JP. James M. was not located in census records for 1820 or 1830. He is located in 1840 p.108, Bibb County, US Census. He is shown to be between 30 and 40 years of age. His wife is shown to be age 20-30. He had 4 boys, 2 under 5 and 2 more between 5and 10.
In 1846 Sarah Coker, James' mother left him a feather bed in her will. In "Direct Index to Conveyances of Real Estate", located Bibb County CH, Book F p.267, a sale of land on 25 December 1847 by James M. Coker to Car? Palmer is entered as filed 24 December 1848. Other references to land sales by James M.Coker in this same index are Book G, p.640 and Book H, Pg. 234. These sales were to Jared Coal Company et al.
In 1850 James and family appear in Bibb US Census Pg. 711. James is listed as farmer born in GA, age 40. This age is suspect. While the family was in GA in 1810, Sarah was a bit old to have produced a child. Best guess is sloppy recording - he was probably around 45. Tempy was only 30 and born in TN. Their children were as follows: Jonathan age 17, Noah age 13, William age 12, Levi age 11, Andrew age 10, Lafayette age 9, Parolee age 6 and Frances age 3. All children born in Alabama.
Marilyn Davis Barefield's compilation of Tuscaloosa Land office records shows James M. to have purchased Bibb County land in 1855 - Section 21, township 23 range 11E. No further record of James M. Coker has been found.
In 1860 Itwamba County, MS US Census p.352, Dwelling #2374, Family #2371:T.C.Coker age 40 born TN, Children as follows:?Coker age 27 (Jonathan) teacher, born in AL; W.T. Coker age 22 (William) born in AL; W.L. Coker age 16 (?Levi or Lafayette) born AL; E.F.V. Coker age 11 (?Frances) born in AL; P.C. Coker age 13 (?Parolee) born in AL. Children's ages and names don't match too well with 1850, however, this family has to be same. James M. is no longer head of household. His wife is. He must have died either in Bibb or MS between 1855 and 1860 when this census was taken.
The thing which is very convincing this is Tempy and family is Shadrack Starling, her brother, is family #2372 - enumerated immediately following. Shadrack Starling married in Bibb in 1824. He married Elizabeth Vannell. Their fathers, Joseph Vannell and Rodah Starling, signed for them - Bibb Marriage Book D p.57.
1786 William Berry Coker Notes for William Berry Coker:
William's identity is not certain. One William offered by some researchers as son of Thomas of Bibb does not appear likely. This William is William with wife, Jemima. This William was born 1790 in North Carolina. This is according to some of his progeny and also tallies with Bibb County, AL US Census Records for 1850. He is listed #961 on that census. Assuming this is correct, he can not likely be son of :Thomas as Thomas had gone on to Pendleton, SC by 1790. In examining land records in Bibb County in "Direct Index to Conveyance of Real Estate": Grantor, Jemima and Wm. C. Coker; Grantee, Jared Coal Co. 30 April 1853 Book G, Pg. 506. Letter from Mrs. Midge Coker 1984 indicated she was exploring possibility of this William being William B. Coker in estate settlement of Thomas of Bibb.

While it certainly appears possible this William C. is of some relationship to the Thomas Coker family it seems far more likely William B. is the son. In the settlement of Thomas' estate a note on William B. Coker is collected as well as a note on Robert Coker. The premise is put forth in notes regarding Sally, John Beeks was her husband, therefore, son-in-law to Thomas. The estate had to collect a debt from John Beeks, Jackson County, GA. That loan was made 28 October 1819, Book G, Pg. 134. It appears Thomas loaned money to three of his children.

In his will Thomas left William the following: negro boy, Peter; surveyor's instruments; two rifle guns; a bed; saddle bags. This leads one to wonder if Thomas was a surveyor and if William was a surveyor. W.B. Coker was serving as Justice of Peace in Bibb County in 1828. Marriage Book A, Pg. 183. In Rhoda Coleman Ellison's book, "Bibb County, The First Hundred Years 1818-1819" Pg. 239 both Noah B. Coker and William B. Coker appear on a list of patients of Dr. David Boyd in 1829.

Information sent from progeny of William (No middle initial indicated) Coker, Mrs. Frances Maddox (Dec'd now) Marathon TX 79845 and May Anna Riggan, Rt. 2 Box 46, Aberdeen, MS 39730 in 1987 gave the following information regarding their William: Born 1786 NC; married Leanna Braziel; had daughter, Sarah C. Coker; lived at some time in Bibb County, AL; went to MS. Leanna Coker had been born in SC 1794. The daughter, Sarah C. Coker was born 10 September 1824. Mrs. Maddox got her information from a family Bible and the Monroe, MS census of 1850.

The will of Joel Marshall Braziel with daughter, Leanna Coker, is located in Tuscaloosa County, AL, Will Book 1, page 47, dated 19 May 1829, proven 7 August 1829. Tuscaloosa County adjoins Bibb County. The Thomas Cokers were in Pendleton District, SC; Jackson County, GA; then Bibb County, AL. The Braziels were in Pendleton at the same time. Joel Braziel 9 August 1799 purchased Pendleton land, Book H 1804-1807, Pg. 515. Until another William is discovered this William is the bast candidate for William Coker, son of Thomas of Bibb.
1812 Middleton Coker Thomas Coker Elanor Shotwell 1813 Sarah Unknown 1848 Taylor Coker 1846 Noah Coker 1845 James Coker 1838 Nancy Coker 1836 Caroline Coker 1835 Edney Coker 1797 - 1857 Robert T Coker 60 60 D. 1842 Mary Williams 1821 - 1850 Ensworth H Coker 28 28 1824 - 1878 Elizabeth Ann Coker 54 54 1828 Frances Coker 1829 - 1876 James Ausborn Coker 46 46 1833 - 1857 Columbus C Coker 24 24 1835 - 1852 William A Coker 17 17 1838 Maria Jane Coker 1796 - 1884 Jonathan Clark Coker 88 88 ________________________________

WAR OF 1812

Numbers:  S. O. 6, 949
                S. C. 4, 581

Soldier:  Coker, Jonathon C.  or Jonathan Coker
Service:  Pvt. Capt. David Gallaspy's Co., GA Mil.
Enlisted:  Nov. 21, 1814      Discharged:  May 6, 1815

Residence of soldier:  1850, Tallapoosa Co., ALA
                                1855, 1856, Talladega Co., ALA
                                1871, 1879, Clay Co., (PO. Millabee), ALA
Maiden name of wife:  Martha Luke
Marriage of soldier and wife:  June 26, 1853
Death of soldier:  Prior to Oct 8, 1884

Bounty Land:   8, 821-- 80-- 50
                     38, 207-- 80-- 55

was born October 14, 1796 in Laurens Co., SC, and died 1884 in Clay Co., AL.  He married (1) Frances Mayes Pentecost 1817 in Jackson Co., GA, daughter of Richard Pentecost and Delilah Wood.  She was born March 24, 1798 in Jackson Co., GA, and died 1852 in Tallapoosa Co., AL.  He married (2) Martha Lake Aft. 1852. 

Notes for Dr. Johnathan Clark Coker:
Jonathan Clark Coker - Birth date for Jonathan Clark Coker obtained from Mrs. A.B. Denny (Sue), 3001, Ethel Avenue, Waco, TX 76707, 13 March 1976. Mrs. Denny is descendant of Delilah Frances Coker Macon, daughter of Jonathan and Frances Mayes Pentecost. Mrs. Denny sent copies of family pages in the Coker/Macon Bible, copyright 1846. While Mrs. Denny gives this date, based on Bible record, Jonathan gave, not the date of birth but his age in War of 1812 pension and bounty land applications. Both applications were made in March. The pension application was made 22 March 1871. On this occasion he stated his age to be 75. The bounty land application was made 25 March 1879. On this occasion he stated his age to be 83. If October is correct for his birth month then he was born in 1795, not 1796, or he was 74 when he said he was 75 and he was 82 when he said he was 83. The bounty land application which states he is 83 also gives the following description of Jonathan at the time of his enlistment in the service: . . . . ."born in South Carolina in 1796, Farmer and Physician, 5 feet 10 in. height, blue eyes, Auburn Color, fair complexion". Jonathan's birth year is uncertain.
Jonathan's papers state he enlisted as Jonathan C. Coker as a private in the company commanded by Captain Gillespie in the regiment of Georgia Militia commanded by Col. Grover in the War of 1812. He was enlisted at Jackson Co. GA , spring of 1815. In the instance of both applications he is resident of Hillabee (Millerville). Clay County, AL. Ref:"Place Names in Alabama", Virginia O. Foscue, University of Alabama press, Tuscaloosa, 1989, p.93 & Pg. 94.
It is interesting to note in 1871 Jonathan's signature is very, very shaky. By 1879 he signed with an "X". Speculation is old age and possibly arthritis had affected his writing. Jonathan was deceased by 1878. Death is given for cause of delay in payment of his pension. Jonathan's service number is 38207-80-55. It should be noted Jonathan entered service in 1814 from Jackson Co., GA. He married Frances Mayes Pentecost in Jackson Co., GA in 1817. Ref: "There Is A Tide Which", Frank Huff and Louise Hay Pentecost, compilers, Route 2, Box 296, Jacksonville, AL 36265, 15 June 1969 (both deceased before 2000) Sec. 3, p.31, Thomas Coker, Jonathan's father, sold his Jackson Co. land in 1817 before coming to Bibb Co., AL in spring of 1818.

Jonathan and Frances are located on the Jackson Co.  US Census for 1820 (p.289) with a male child under 10. The family has not been located on a census for 1830. Mrs. Denny gave Coweta Co., Ga as birthplace for Delilah Frances Coker Macon, This was 1826. Frank and Louise Pentecost were of the opinion Jonathan and Frances left Jackson Co., and moved to Coweta Co. locating on land which belonged to Frances' father, William Pentecost. By 1840 the family was in Tallapoosa Co., AL (US Census p.172). The US Census for 1850 shows James Madison Wood as head of household. He was husband of Sarah Elizabeth Coker, daughter of Frances and Jonathan. Jonathan and Frances are listed with their 2 youngest children, Ann W. and James M. Jonathan's occupation is listed as physician. (Dwelling #761, Family #761, Township 20, 17 November 1850). By the next census year Frances is deceased and Jonathan has remarried. Since from all appearances Jonathan married Martha Luke in Talladega (Clay) Co., AL it doesn't seem a certainty Frances died in Tallapoosa Co. November 1850 Frances was alive in Tallapoosa Co. and by June 1853 Jonathan married Martha in Talladega (Clay) Co. Either Frances died and he moved on to a new county quickly or he and Frances moved on and she died quickly. Tallapoosa Co. is the place given by some researchers as place of Frances' death. No certain written record or tombstone has been found.
Lewel Sellers, Millerville historian, showed the house where the Cokers lived in Millerville. The house had burned and had "No Trespassing" signs posted. He explained the big house was built around the cabin which Jonathan Clark Coker built and the cabin was made of heart pine. The pine made a big fire quickly. The visit with Mr. Sellers was 5 August 1993. At the time the house on first glance appeared little damaged, however, on closer examination it was evident it was more like a shell with its insides burned out. He did not say how recently the house burned. Summer 2000 - the house had been torn down.
At the time of the settlement of William Pentecost's estate, 2 March 1840, Jonathan went to Jackson County, GA where, at public outcry, the sale was held on the decedent's premises. William's land was on Beech Creek near Winder. Jonathan purchased a slave, Milly, and child for $1016.00 Reference: Louise and Frank Pentecost "There Is A Tide Which" Sec. 2 p.xiv. In the sale of the estate of Thomas Coker, Meriwether Co., GA Jonathan Clark Coker served as administrator along with Isaac Barnes. This was 7 March 1837.Jonathan was Thomas' brother.

More About Johnathan Coker and Frances Pentecost:
Marriage: 1817, Jackson Co., GA

More About Johnathan Coker and Martha Lake:
Marriage: Aft. 1852
Children of Johnathan Coker and Frances Pentecost are:
    44    i.    William Thomas5 Coker, born March 29, 1820 in Jackson Co., GA; died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Civil War.  He married Martha J. Burnside August 02, 1846 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., AL.

More About William Coker and Martha Burnside:
Marriage: August 02, 1846, Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., AL

    45    ii.    Sarah Elizabeth Coker, born August 06, 1824 in GA; died January 24, 1905 in Sylacauga, Telledga Co., AL.  She married James Madison Wood November 11, 1841 in Tallapoosa Co., AL.

More About James Wood and Sarah Coker:
Marriage: November 11, 1841, Tallapoosa Co., AL

    46    iii.    Delilah Frances Coker, born December 16, 1826 in Coweta Co., GA; died April 24, 1910 in Sylacauga, Telledga Co., AL.  She married William Henry Macon March 18, 1847.

More About William Macon and Delilah Coker:
Marriage: March 18, 1847

    47    iv.    Marion Jackson Coker, born July 04, 1828 in Coweta Co., GA; died May 06, 1899 in Sylacauga, Telledga Co., AL.  He married Tamer Jane Munroe 1858 in Millerville, Clay Co., AL.

More About Marion Coker and Tamer Munroe:
Marriage: 1858, Millerville, Clay Co., AL

    48    v.    Mary Ann Coker, born July 14, 1829 in GA; died August 08, 1848 in Tallapoosa Co., AL.  She married Samuel Reeves.
    49    vi.    Luticia I. Coker, born October 16, 1833 in GA; died January 16, 1898 in Mooreville, Falls Co., TX.  She married H. E. Ritchey.
    50    vii.    Annie Wesley Coker, born January 03, 1833 in GA; died March 05, 1910 in Sylacauga, Telledga Co., AL.  She married Lorenzo F. Barnes December 19, 1871 in Millerville, Clay Co., AL.

More About Lorenzo Barnes and Annie Coker:
Marriage: December 19, 1871, Millerville, Clay Co., AL

+    51    viii.    Dr. James Jasper Coker, born August 07, 1840 in Millerville, Clay Co., AL.

Joseph Columbus Coker Unknown Unknown Joseph Columbus Coker, Jr Unknown Unknown Charles Lewis Coker Unknown Unknown Leanna Breazeale From Tuscalossa, AL Joel Marshall Coker Nancy Massengill Sara Wilkerson Joel Lafayette Coker Cordelia Ritter Bonnie Houston Coker Unknown Unknown Bonnie Joe Coker Thomas Howard Coker Nonnie Delilah Coker Woodie Joel Coker Unknown Unknown Unknown Coker Unknown Unknown 1794 - 1863 Precious Lovejoy 68 68 1814 Absolem L Coker 1816 - 1820 Dorothula Coker 4 4 1816 - 1852 Melvina L Coker 36 36 1818 - 1880 Jemma A Coker 62 62 1820 Elizabeth Caroline Coker 1822 - 1903 William Henry Harrison Coker 81 81 1824 - 1898 Simeon Miles Coker 74 74 1825 Mary A Coker 1827 Sarah M Coker 1831 Martha L Coker 1834 Thomas Clark Coker 1740 Jonathan Clark Jenny Unknown 1722 - 1813 Bowling Clark 91 91 Winifred Buford 1698 - 1754 Christopher Clark 56 56 Penelope Johnson 1712 - 1754 Agnes Clark 42 42 1716 - 1792 Sarah Clark 76 76 1705 Benjamin Johnson Son of William Johnson of Scotland. Charles Lynch 1714 - 1792 Rachel Clark 78 78 "3rd: I give my loving daughter Rachel Moorman, four hundred acres of land in Hanover County, near to Captain Thomas Dancey and one negro woman named Moll with her increase and all things else that she has had in her possession whatever was mine."  Thomas Moreman 1720 - 1825 Elizabeth Clark 105 105 Was willed four hundred acres of land in Goochland County, VA.
Joseph Anthony 1718 Micajah Clark He was willed five hundred acres of land in Hanover County, VA. He married Judith Adams and was an ancestor of Francis Scott Key. Micajah was a very close friend of Thomas Jefferson and as a surveyor, laid off much of his land and was an aid to him in many of his building projects.
1710 - 1783 Edward Clark 73 73 Lurana Johnson Anne Paulett Neice of Sir Thomas Paulett, the first owner of "Westover". John Ward Edward Johnson Edward emigrated to America where he was living in Blissland Parish, Virginia in 1677. Elizabeth Walker Arthur Johnson Latin Poet and Physician. Unknown Unknown Barbara Gordon William Johnson Sarah Massie Penelope Lynch
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